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A Few of Our Client and Customer Comments

"I had to write to let you know about my experience with Masonry Cosmetics! Shawn Hoffman and, his assistant, Gordon, recently stained the brick on the front of our house. We are empty-nesters building our first house and are more naive than we thought we were regarding some aspects of home building. The brick on the front of our house appeared very faded compared to the sample and the house we chose it from. Our local brick distributor was certain that Masonry Cosmetics could make the brick look…"

— Marie from Indiana


“Thank you so much for taking time to fix my chimney. It came out beautiful and I’m very pleased with it. Thank you again and I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday.

— Harry from New York


“Purchasing your CCS kit had to be the best $5G’s we spent in a long time and we haven’t run out of any pigments yet, we changed the color of an entire brick building that an architect I’ve been calling on for 20 years bought & moved his offices into. He is thrilled with the outcome & has already referred us to one of his larger clients CVS, to fix 12 stores where the red & yellow split face CMU was laid with gray mortar.”

— Michael P Mahoney, Rhode Island


“I had Masonry Cosmetics redo the bricks on my house from Pink to Beige and Brown, they were courteous and professional. I was very pleased and have had many compliments on a great job they did. Thank you Masonry Cosmetics.”

— Joanne from Indiana



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