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When You Need a More Extreme Color Change - Double Application


  • As indicated in our basic instructions you should never include more than 7 teaspoons of color, total, for ½ cup of water.  The water won’t carry more than that, and the excess pigment sinks to the bottom of the cup.  Even if you were able to keep a richer mixture stirred while applying it, the excess color would not be carried into the pores of the masonry and would not bond appropriately.

  • Consequently, if you need a deeper or more extreme color change than can be achieved with a single application of a 7-tsp mixture, you must (1) develop one recipe and apply one coat of stain to partially change the masonry, (2) let it dry, and then (3) develop another recipe (again including no more than 7 teaspoons of color for ½ cup of water), and apply again.  If the first application has dried so the pigment is chemically bonded, then the second application will also bond, treating the pigment applied earlier as part of the existing masonry. 

  • If necessary you can also apply more than twice, as long as the prior application is completely dry beforehand. 


Getting Technical Advice from our Experts


As a subscriber to our Premium Technical Support Services package you are entitled to access to our world-class, 3-way, “Every Step-of-the-Way” customer support service for your every stain project.  This includes:


- Q & A Service:  Send questions via e-mail to – We will respond within one or two business days;


- Photo/Recipe Service: Send digital photos of the masonry color you want, and the color you presently have to – We will send you a suggested starter recipe (a formula for mixing pigments) likely to transform your masonry to closely match what you want.   After you test the recipe, if the color is not right, we will help you modify it for the best possible match.


- Brick/Recipe Service:  Send us samples of the masonry color you want and your present masonry, and we will develop a starter recipe for you.  The recipe developed from samples is likely to give you an even closer initial match than a recipe developed from pictures alone.  Again, if the color is not right, you can send us pictures so we can help you fine-tune for an even better match.”



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