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Apply Your Stain

Applying your stain


Remember: Each time you dip the brush in the solution, follow the instructions for Mixing the Stain. And keep a damp cloth handy to clean up drips immediately.


Whenever you apply the stain:


  1. Use exactly the same number of brushstrokes to cover each part of the surface.  When coloring bricks, mortar or grout, you can use a single stroke on each part of the surface.  With larger surfaces like block, natural or manufactured stone, or concrete or brick pavers, you will have to use overlapping strokes to achieve full coverage, and you will therefore end up brushing each part of the surface twice.

  2. You are feeding the pore structure of the masonry, not painting on a layer.

  3. Be extremely careful to avoid letting excess stain drip from the brush or run down the surface of the masonry.  The excess stain will cause darker streaks of color that will be impossible to remove once they have dried.

  4. If you do have a drip or spill, clean it up immediately with a damp cloth.

Applying to brick that can be stained in one stroke


  1. Place brush on the left edge of the brick. Push down and pull across the brick to the right edge applying slight pressure. . (If left-handed pull brush right to left) Then lift in one motion.   See picture to right.  Use the corner of brush to stain any areas that need touch up. 3 to 4 brick can be done before re-dipping brush into cup.  If stain gets into mortar, dab with wet cloth immediately.

  2. Repeat steps until all the brick have been colored.

  3. For a King Size or Utility Size brick we recommend using a 3-Inch brush. 

Applying to stone or block that requires more than one stroke


  1. Place brush on upper left corner of block, push down and pull across to the right edge. (If left-handed start upper right corner and pull to left edge). 

  2. Lift brush and place it on upper left corner of block about ¼ of an inch from top of block. Push down and pull brush across to the right edge. Repeat until you reach the bottom of block.  

  3. Before re-dipping the brush, go across the top and bottom edges of the block for an even coat. Use the corner of the brush, to touch up any areas that were missed.  See Illustration. If possible stain the entire block completely before re-dipping. If you can’t, make sure you drain your brush well and watch where you start and stop.

Applying to grout or mortar


  1. Use the 1 inch brush provided in your kit.

  2. Start with the bed (or horizontal joints) pulling your brush from left to right about 4-5 brick wide. (left-handed pull right to left)

  3. Do 3-4 horizontal rows first. Before re-dipping brush go ahead and stain all the head (vertical) joints between the 3-4 rows of horizontal joints you just completed.

  4. When doing the vertical joint keep the brush pointing slightly upwards.  Doing this will help prevent drips coming from the brush.

  5. Repeat the steps until all mortar has been colored.

  6. If stain gets on surrounding brick while doing the mortar , wipe it off immediately with a damp cloth  before the stain dries.

Safety Reminders
Always wear gloves, safety glasses, and old clothes when mixing or applying stain.  Also, always use tarps or other means to protect nearby surfaces from spills.


If stain solution is spilled or splashed:


  • In eyes: rinse with water for at least 10 minutes to ensure all particles have been removed.”

  • On skin: Rinse thoroughly with soap and water.

  • On clothing: Flush with water, but discoloration may be permanent.

  • On floors or walls: Remove immediately with water, keeping it wet at all times, dabbing with damp cloth.

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