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How to Use Your Stain Kit

This instructional program is organized as shown below. You can access each topic directly using the drop menu (above) or you can navigate through the program using the button at the bottom of each page to go to the next instructions in the series. 


Basic Instructions - Mixing, Applying & Cleaning Up

  • Checking Conditions of the Masonry before Applying Stain

  • Developing Your Color Recipe

  • Mixing the Stain

  • Applying the Stain

  • Cleaning Up, Storing & Disposing of Stain


Special Issues

  • Staining Concrete Pavers


Safety Reminders
Always wear gloves, safety glasses, and old clothes when mixing or applying stain.  Also, always use tarps or other means to protect nearby surfaces from spills.


If stain solution is spilled or splashed:


  • In eyes: rinse with water for at least 10 minutes to ensure all particles have been removed.”

  • On skin: Rinse thoroughly with soap and water.

  • On clothing: Flush with water, but discoloration may be permanent.

  • On floors or walls: Remove immediately with water, keeping it wet at all times, dabbing with damp cloth.

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