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Special Issues: Staining Concrete Pavers

  • Our stain mix is an excellent choice for staining concrete pavers on walkways or driveways. We use the same process that is so successful on vertical walls. All of the basic principles of mixing, applying and developing color recipes apply equally well.

  • As with vertical application to walls made of porous masonry, our product generally lasts as long as the surface to which it applied.  Since vertical masonry walls tend to last more or less indefinitely despite ordinary wind and weather, we were not surprised when laboratory tests revealed that bricks stained with our product survived 40 years of simulated weathering without a sign of peeling, cracking or fading.

  • Driveways and walkways, however, do not last indefinitely.  The surface of concrete pavers will erode with time.  This explains why most manufacturers of concrete pavers will not warrant the color for more than one year.  As the surface of the material erodes, the pigment will also be carried away.

  • We expect our product to last 5-7 years on concrete pavers.  After that, it may be necessary to add an additional application to maintain the vibrancy of the color.

  • It beats paint.  Why?  Because our product is absorbed into the pore structure of the masonry.  It beats stain products made with latex or sealers.  It beats most (if not all) manufacturer’s warrantees for concrete pavers. 

  • It doesn’t form an outer layer that will be worn away even before the underlying masonry.  Instead it becomes part of the underlying masonry. 

Safety Reminders
Always wear gloves, safety glasses, and old clothes when mixing or applying stain.  Also, always use tarps or other means to protect nearby surfaces from spills.


If stain solution is spilled or splashed:


  • In eyes: rinse with water for at least 10 minutes to ensure all particles have been removed.”

  • On skin: Rinse thoroughly with soap and water.

  • On clothing: Flush with water, but discoloration may be permanent.

  • On floors or walls: Remove immediately with water, keeping it wet at all times, dabbing with damp cloth.

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